As a producer at The Atlantic‘s LIVE team, I produced onstage and digital editorial content that is newsworthy and relevant to audiences across the country at events for AtlanticLIVE, with a focus on criminal justice, race, economic inequality, and culture.

race + justice

Race + Justice Summit 2019 (The Atlantic Festival, September 24, 2019) // National and local efforts are underway to reform the criminal justice system, which affects more than two million Americans currently incarcerated in prisons, jails, and detention centers. What behaviors should be criminalized? Should punitive systems be reformed to be more restorative and rehabilitative? And what is the next frontier of criminal justice reform? As lead producer, I produced interviews with and booked sources like Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes, Civil Rights Corps’ Alec Karakatsanis, and more.

Race + Justice: New Orleans (March 22, 2019) // New Orleans once locked up more of its residents than any other city in the country. But in recent years, the community has come together to take steps toward reforming the criminal justice system. While most residents agree that much more change is needed, they disagree on the best path. As a producer, I booked Big Freedia, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Ivy Wang, and more. I also interviewed Big Freedia backstage for a video:

Race + Justice: San Francisco (December 14, 2018) // In San Francisco, reform efforts and a debate over the potential construction of a new county jail play out against the backdrop of the city’s racial disparities. Statewide, California is in the midst of an aggressive bail reform initiative, with a heavy reliance on technology, that has split traditional coalitions on the issue. I interviewed and booked experts on bail reform like SB-10 co-author Rob Bonta of the California State Assembly, Deputy Public Defender Chesa Boudin (now District Attorney), and more.

Race + Justice Summit 2018 (The Atlantic Festival, October 4, 2018) // The power of elected prosecutors. The criminalization of poverty, race and mental illness. The challenges reentering citizens face as they return home. These criminal justice stories are playing out in states, cities and counties nationwide. The Atlantic Festival Race + Justice Summit examined the trends and experiences common to justice systems and justice seekers across the country. As lead producer, I I booked and produced interviews with St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, documentary filmmaker Lynn Novick, Rob Bonta of the California State Assembly, and more.

building opportunity for all

Building Opportunity for All: San Francisco (July 17, 2019) // Tech empowers and tech divides. It affects how we work, where we live, and how we learn. Nothing could be truer in tech’s epicenter, the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are now more millionaires, but also a growing housing crisis. As lead producer, I booked and produced interviews with Mayors Arregúin, Liccardo, and Scharf, Menka Sethi of Facebook, Cecilia Muñoz of New America, and more.

Building Opportunity for All: Memphis (April 23, 2019) // In Memphis, The Atlantic and the Shared Prosperity Partnership discussed the legacy of structural racism and its effects on American cities. Policymakers and community leaders also talked about how public policy and innovative solutions can help build more inclusive growth in Memphis and other cities. As lead producer, I booked and produced interviews with Mayor Jim Strickland, Terri Freeman, Andre Perry, and more.

other programs

The Renewal Summit: Los Angeles (November 21, 2019) // In L.A., a thriving metropolis that is home to a rich diversity of people from all walks of life, what will it take to ensure quality of life and greater opportunity for all area residents?On November 21, The Atlantic came to L.A. to host The Renewal Summit, a conversation with policy makers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and urbanists making a difference in their hometown. I booked and produced interviews with speakers like Chelsea Rendon of STARZ’s Vida, filmmaker Moctesuma Esparza, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner, and more.

Intelligent Future: A Summit on A.I. (May 21, 2019) // Artificial Intelligence promises to enhance everyday work and simplify our lives, disrupting industries and our daily routines. As artificial intelligence invades our workplaces and homes, everyday life will change, sometimes in ways that we may not even understand. How can government and tech companies continue to make advances in artificial intelligence — while keeping it honest? As lead producer, I booked and produced interviews with Under Secretary for Science of the Department of Energy Paul Dabbar, Representative Jimmy Gomez (D-CA), NYU’s Meredith Broussard, and more.

And Justice for All (February 28, 2019) // Today, more than 6.5 million people are entangled in the criminal justice system: in prison or jail, on probation or parole. That’s a broad net — one that affects almost every part of life in the United States. But the incarcerated and their families often feel the effects most acutely.The Atlantic gathered a few of these families, as well as lawmakers and policy experts, to discuss criminal justice reform. I booked and produced interviews with speakers like Matthew Charles, the first person released from prison under the First Step Act, DC organizer Tony Lewis Jr., and Rudy Valdez, director of HBO’s The Sentence.

A Generation in the Middle (November 15, 2018) // Americans are aging. Baby Boomers are retiring and the next generation is in the driver’s seat. This “sandwich generation” faces unique challenges — caring for their aging parents and their growing children at the same time. As lead producer, I booked and produced interviews with policy makers, experts and the community including Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS), Michelle Singletary and more to explore planning for retirement and future health needs while serving as caregivers to both their kids and their parents.

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